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10 Reasons You Should Mail One Heart-Felt Note Every Day

John Kralik was down on his luck, stuck in a rut, and a flat tire away from disaster. So what did he do? He began to mail a heart-felt note of gratitude. Every day. For 365 days. As a result, his thinking, attitude, and trajectory improved. His life turned around for the better. He wrote about this experience in the inspiring book, 365 Thank Yous: The Year a Simple Act of Daily Gratitude Changed My Life. I love the idea so much that I have started to mail notes of appreciation, too.

Here's my list of benefits for why I recommend this practice of sending a heart-felt note the mail every day.

    1. Sending a heart-felt note of gratitude every day is the anti-thesis of doom scrolling

    To send and receive a thank you note means you have put your phone down to reach into the mailbox for a cleaner dopamine hit. I am of the opinion that becoming untethered from our devices and screens is a good thing. Sending an old-school stale mail card is the opposite of mindlessly scrolling Tik Tok all day.

    2. Sending a heart-felt note of gratitude is the most effective method to capture someone's attention

    The only way that you can compete for another person's attention is to go offline. When I look online, I see a mess of AI, algorithms, social media, news media, and "experts" with resources and teams that dominate online. To compete, you go offline. Maybe "compete" is not a good word for it. Rather, imagine a person putting their phone down to open an envelope and read your message. Now that's a breath of fresh air.

    3. Sending a heart-felt note of gratitude will make a person's day

    It's not a text, it's not an email, it's not a DM, it's not even a Facetime, it's a card in your mailbox with content that makes them feel appreciated, seen, not alone, and they will feel wonderful, and they will remember who you are. It's a relationship builder, a peace builder, a bridge-builder, and a lovely reminder that you genuinely care about them.

    4. Sending a heart-felt note of gratitude every day makes the world a better place

    When you send another person a remarkable piece of communication you are making another person feel good because of the authenticity of the message. In turn, the person receiving the card will pay that forward, and so on and so forth. Similarly, the person sending the card quickly picks up the habit of looking for opportunities to have a positive encounter, a real conversation, an authentic exchange, and therefore, what you look for you attract. Boom! it's not long after that life for everyone improves.

    5. Sending a heart-felt note of gratitude every day is an act of resistance

    The headlines scream atrocity and I can't locate what to feel. This side is arguing with that side. That side has their make-wrong finger-wagging for this offense. Lies, guns, war, covid, Klaus Schwab, the economy... To hell with all that! I'm going to look for the good and manifest. I'm raising my vibration. I'm generous with all of my encounters. I'm the change that I am looking for.

    6. Sending a heart-felt note of gratitude every day will expand your network and/or community

    After a couple of weeks, you will begin to recognize the improved chances for synchronicity and feelings of alignment. It's hard to explain, but you realize how we are all connected, and how powerful the simple act of sending an authentic piece of communication really is. This compounds. I daydream about this practice becoming a years-long streak.

    7. Sending a heart-felt note of gratitude every day will improve your communication skills

    Like anything, the more you practice the better you become. The same is true with sending a heart-felt note. I have noticed that I am getting more precise and specific with my notes of appreciation, insight, and recognition. It feels like a superpower.

    8. Sending a heart-felt note of gratitude to your children

    Saturday mornings are my mornings to write my children a short note, an insight, a recognition, a praise, a lesson, something I see about them that they don't know I see, or simply reiterating how much I love them, and that I will always be there for them. There is no end to what I'm saying when it comes to taking a moment once a week to make your heart-felt note of gratitude out to one of your kids. Put that in a shoebox and call it legacy.

    9. Sending a heart-felt note of gratitude will improve your life

    I've covered how sending a heart-felt note of gratitude will make another person's day and how it will make the world a better place. Specifically, it will also improve YOUR life. If you're down on your luck, stuck in a rut, and a flat tire away from disaster, began to mail a heart-felt note of gratitude. Every day. For 365 days. I believe that it will improve your thinking, attitude, and trajectory in life for the better.

    10. Sending a heart-felt note of gratitude every day will make you 1% better, and it's easy

    @JamesAltucher wrote, "...But 1% a day makes every habit work. Every. The reason is: they work if you do a little each day. If you relax and give yourself permission to only improve a little each day, then a good habit works."

    Writing these authentic daily notes and placing them in the mail is easy. Two to four sentences is all that is needed. It's a note with a little more care than a text. Doing so will make you better, with just a little bit of improvement every day.

    11. BONUS - How to ask for a physical address

    Believe it or not, the hardest part is obtaining the address of your next heart-felt note recipient. Of course, so often it's the case that the address you're looking for is publicly available online. I digress, but do you remember in the 90s when YOU HAD TO PAY for your number NOT to be placed in the white pages? One way I handle obtaining an address is to simply ask for it. I might say,

    "It was so good running into you at the grocery store today. Say... I have this habit of sending a short note of appreciation, and our encounter was uplifting. May I have your address?"

    If your interaction was positive, it's unlikely they won't reply with their address.

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