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10 rules with books I follow

    1. If I'm thinking about buying a book, I buy it

    That 20, 30 dollars may be the best investment you make on yourself

    2. If I see a book I like at the used bookstore, I get it (with minimal thinking)

    Sometimes it won't always be the cheapest but that's okay, the knowledge is worth a lot more

    3. Borrow at the library first

    If I can, I'll borrow at the library first and if it is worth a re-read, I'll look for it at a used bookstore later

    4. If I'm at a used booksale where books are very inexpensive, I'll get everything now and think about it later

    I'm talking about sales where books are $1, $2, etc. - no use in making difficult decisions about whether to get a book or not because I have read it, I already have a copy, etc. Get it now, think about it later.

    5. If for some reason I'm thinking about two books and trying to decide which one is the better buy, I just buy both

    Stolen from Ramit Sethi's book buying rule

    6. I buy new if I'm reasonably confident that I won't see the book at a used bookstore

    Anything relatively recently published, or is in high demand are candidates

    7. My favourite books, the ones I got a lot out of, go to my re-read list

    I then re-read these books at least every year, and more frequent if I need that extra push

    8. I'll give away books to people that need them more

    9. I'll donate or sell any books that I didn't find useful at all

    10. My kindle has over a thousand books - and I use the Kindle as a way to filter out which books to get physical copies of

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