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10 variations of "The Actors Nightmare" I have dreamed

Growing up in the theatre - every once in a while, I have "The Actors Nightmare". And, lucky for me, There are variations of it that show up in my dreams.

Do you have a version of the "Actors Nightmare" Or something similar?

    1. I come onstage wearing nothing but my underwear

    Very uncomfortable. And Drafty.

    2. I forget the words to the main song my character sings

    I can feel the anxiousness bubbling up because I can't think of the next line.

    3. I forget to make a scene change - tables and chairs are left onstage, the next scene is a wreck

    Everyone in the cast hates me after this.

    4. Someone begins screaming at me from the audience

    Why, in my dream, is it that lady who "BOOS" in "The Princess Bride" Movie?


    5. I come on stage dressed as a dragon, but its clearly not the right scene

    Why am I dressed like a dragon?

    6. During a monologue, I can't come up with the next right word - it's on the tip of my tongue

    Major brain fart - and its embarassing!

    7. I trip and fall off the stage.

    There is some truth to this one.

    When I was a teen, I jumped off a stage and sprained my ankle. Then I had to perform with it all bandaged and swollen!

    8. I'm backstage, but I'm supposed to be ON Stage. Everyone is looking for me, but they can't find me.

    Why can't they see me? And Why wasn't I ready to go on stage?

    9. My Pastor and his wife come to the performance, then leave without talking to me

    Apparently, they didn't like the show - or ME in it!

    10. I'm coming on stage, but get wrapped up in the curtain.

    The actors are waiting for me, and I could have yelled my lines, but I couldn't!

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