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10 self discovery projects


    1. Your Stories

    Compile a list of your favourite stories, both personal and professional. At the end, include a list of lessons learned, psychological reflections and interesting themes.

    2. Inventory your core values

    • Write down 50 values that characterize you, and rank order. Reflect on your top five values. When you have doubts about your decision, remind yourself of these values.

    3. Create Frameworks

    In your favourite notetaking tool, create frameworks comprising of best practices, lessons learned, and mental models for any domain you want to recall or in areas of improvement.

    I have created multiple framework folders that I use for work and for general decision-making. Here is a sample

    • Data Science
    • Data Governance
    • Digital Transformationn
    • Writing
    • Banking
    • Problem Solving
    • Argumentation
    • Idea Framework
    • Risk Management
    • Critical Thinking
    • Conversation

    4. Create a knowledge base

    A list of your technical issues and what you did to resolve them. List questions and answers to common problems: shortcuts and life hacks.

    5. Psychological Profile

    • Take a few personality tests: MBTI, Big 5, DISC, etc
    • Compile a list of reoccurring patterns you have noted in your life
    • Reach out to your closest friends and ask them to give feedback on your strengths and areas of improvement

    6. Accomplishments

    • Write a list of accomplishments: professional and personal.
    • What were the pivotal that led you to the great person you are now?
    • Who impacted your life and whose lives have you impacted?

    7. Insights

    We often have moments of insight. A quote we read that creates a chain of thoughts. A profound realization we have at that moment. Capture it.

    The contrarian question always orients me to deep thinking: What is an important truth few people agree with you on?

    8. Compile a list of your favourite quotes from authors, movies and pop culture

    9. Compile a list of your favourite books based on subject area

    10. Create a set of principles from lessons learned and your life experiences

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