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10 services to sell as monthly subscriptions/retention fees

I saw this list from @lovingkindnesscomedy and he alluded to retention fees. I think that this would be a good twist and it is how my brother in law became very successful: see idea #1!


    1. Become an on call IT department for many small businesses

    My brother in law did this for small law offices that needed IT support throughout the week but did not need a full time staff member. For a long time he was the IT staff for about 9 law offices in his area: they saved money over a full timer and got on call services from a skilled pro. He got paid for doing 9 jobs at once!

    2. Bathroom cleaning services for public spaces

    You would clean for a regular rate but also have an on call clean up built into your rate so that you charge more each month but in case of emergencies you would also do emergency clean ups. You could specialize in restaurants or gas stations.

    3. Whole house maintenance service

    Pay a fee of $100-$500 a month for a wide variety of house problems. The homeowner can get all services (plumbing, electrical, air conditioning) with a single phone call. I am getting this now through living at a rental. This is a nice change from being a DIY homeowner for 27 years.

    4. Car detailing service

    This would be good for pros like Uber drivers and soon automated car fleets.  Regular detailing plus emergencies 

    5. Tutoring service

    An on call tutor. Some tutoring systems are great but you need to book an hour at a time. If you could call your accounting expert with a quick question as part of your monthly subscription that would be good.

    6. Personal training

    This would be a slight twist on joining a gym as you would have a long term relationship: call your trainer for a meal suggestion or advice for a new running route

    7. Personal assistant

    As an individual building a business you can assist many people with similar tasks, like doing everyone's dry cleaning at once or walking.dogs all at once in a city. 

    8. News aggregator

    This is not a new idea: there are lots of newsletters that do this however I get hundreds of emails a day because of things that I signed up for. I am also interested in so many things that it might be worthwhile to get a personal assistant to do this and just show me relevant information: like the big shots have!

    9. Car maintenance subscription

    This would be like the bumper to bumper warranty but this business could also take care of oil changes and even filling the car with gas/charging it.

    10. Personal transportation subscriptions for kids

    Like a permanent personal Uber driver. The driver could work for 5-10 people and pick kids up for soccer practice, etc.. This was always a challenge to get kids where they needed to be while trying to work. We had 2 kids (now grown) so we could always do man to man transportation.

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