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Camellia Yang


10 Short Stories Ideas

I'm a prolific Chinese writer with 200,000+ followers in China and published three books.
During the lockdown, I attended James Altucher's 30 Days Writing Challenge and published my first English novel, The Invisible Third Culture Adult https://www.amazon.com/dp/B089S4BJQT.
Since then, I have focused on improving my English writing skills via writing short stories (sci-fi & dream-intuition genre) in English once a month.
Here are my stories ideas.

    1. 6 people locked in one room and 5 of them has personality-disorder with 5 different personas. All the them think they are the normal one and the story is about them to figure out their identities and escape the room.

    2. 5 famous characters from the classics novels have a debate to prove who's the most popular characters.

    3. A society that treat introvert and isolation as normal but judge extrovert. A story about how an extrovert person trying to survive

    4. We are in the phase change and how humanity fight back against become silicon dominated space

    5. A girl born with the ability to follow intuition and see the signs of her destiny. How her life will involve in the world treat her as a phycopath.

    6. A novel about digital nomads based on my experience

    7. Female killer, Post-covid world, Murder scene found a book ,I entered a bookstore and random found a book featured my name and portrait, I can't tell the difference between dream and reality

    8. A story about a series of codes that been left in the corner of a chip

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