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10 Simple Steps To Letting Go Of Your Insecurities:

Nobody has everything all figured out.

It affects your relationships, health, and confidence.

If you don’t take hold of your insecurities they’ll scoop out all your energy.

Recognize that your insecurities are preventing you from living your best life. One day you’re full of confidence but the next day your insecurities are eating you alive.

Get rid of the self-doubt that's holding you back by following these ten easy steps.

    1. Find your why

    A solid WHY would help you align with your purpose. Focus on what keeps you DRIVEN. First and foremost you need to know where your insecurity come from. 9/10 it often comes from what the society, family & friends told you from a young age.

    2. Growth mindset

    Stay hungry. Having a growth mindset is the only way to learn. When you feel you’ve arrived, you leave no room for growth and become worried about people's opinions.

    3. Always Be Honest With Yourself

    When you sit still in your own company, you have nowhere to hide and nowhere to run, so you are forced to confront your demons, insecurities, and other problems. The only option left at this point is to be absolutely honest with yourself. It can feel liberating to address the things that have been weighing on your mind.

    4. Ditch unnecessary competition

    Don’t allow yourself to be swayed by other people’s projections. Don’t aim for Competition, aim for value. “Life is a competition with yourself – not others. And if you want to win, you must make it easy for yourself.” Like Peter Thiel says – Competition is for Losers. Easier said than done, but compare yourself to nobody but yourself.

    5. Be a Giver

    The cure for insecurity about wealth is giving. no one has ever become poor by giving! Generosity does help.

    6. Build your yourself

    This is the ultimate way to develop security and conquer fear and doubt. Be the kind of person you want to have in a partner. Learn to love yourself again. True happiness develops when you stop being codependent but dependent. Develop skills that make you more confident. Develop your character to become attractive Eat Right, dress smart and get your body in shape.

    7. Be aware of your insecurity and don’t make fun of others insecurities.

    Pinpointing the root of your self-doubt will help you tackle it head-on. Got to stay away from people who expose your insecurities as a joke infront of others! Often at times, hate is born from insecurities that some are unable to overcome from within.

    8. Challenge Your Negative Thoughts

    Every time a negative thought pops into your head, force yourself to come up with two positive ones. - Try not to talk bad about yourself - Don't let negative thoughts get to you by not identifying with them. - Take ownership of your thoughts.

    9. Think Abundance

    With abundance, you realize anybody can make it with consistency, discipline and hardwork. Do you really feel you or your industry is special? Think again, because any can succeed by just putting their minds in what they do.

    10. Let go

    Freedom from insecurities is found in letting go. Let go from what you think should happen. Understand that everybody has them and release them to the world. It’s never too late to reinvent yourself.

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