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10 slight differences cultivated over the years that can have a significant impact.

    1. Go to bed earlier and get up earlier.

    You gain energy and can invest it in what you enjoy.

    2. Get moving every day.

    Walk, run, swim, and play sports. The simpler and more integrated the activity is in your life, the more you do and benefit from it. You stay in shape.

    3. Learn one new subject a year.

    You develop your curiosity, and your mind stays sharp.

    4. Self-reflection.

    • You take the time to create and write your plans.
    • You learn faster from your successes and mistakes.
    • You move more quickly in everything you do and are less prone to mental health problems. (depression, burnout...)

    5. Listening.

    • You understand people better.
    • They feel appreciated.
    • You succeed in love and friendship.

    6. Learn to communicate better.

    • You become more convincing.
    • You limit potential conflicts,
    • You give confidence, and people return it to you well.
    • Your professional career accelerates.

    7. A business development mind.

    • You learn to sell your ideas.
    • You grow your projects.
    • You earn more.

    8. Material growth limit.

    • You understand that it brings only occasional joys.
    • You save more.

    9. Investing.

    • You don't need to be an expert,
    • To love finance,
    • To spend a lot of time on it.

    You just need to invest regularly and passively (ETF).

    And you will build your financial freedom where work is no longer a constraint but a choice.

    10. Sharing.

    Your life becomes an emotional, intellectual and financial adventure.

    You share your learning and inspire people to achieve their dreams.

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