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10 Smart Ways To Stay Organized At Home and Work.

    1. Compartmentalize

    Don't work at your kitchen table (the one where you eat at). If you can, separate where you work with your home, especially if you work from home. If you work where you eat, it will feel like you are always working

    2. Get the right equipment

    Nothing is more frustrating than not having the right equipment or tools to do what you need. Get fast internet. Get a great camera and audio system. Get a great laptop. Have a nice desk.

    3. Use a system like GTD

    What I like about the system is getting things out of your head so that you aren't relying on your memory to track things. It also helps to reduce some of that squirrel behavior we all have "Oh, I need to call the plumber, I better do that now" - when really what you need to do is focus on writing the report. You can capture and act on it later.

    4. Use flashcards

    Noah Kagan starts his day by writing down his tasks and todos on a flash card. It's small enough where you can't do everything and you can check things off as you complete them.

    5. Use separate tools for work and home

    For example, I capture work notes in One Note but I capture any personal notes in Google Keep.

    6. Don't have work email on your phone

    Although generally I do, I've found not having work email on the phone is less stressful and there's rarely an emergency where you have to respond right away.

    7. Have a scheduled home event at the end of the day

    If you have to work out with a friend or have dinner with the family at a specific time, it'll give you a boundary in which to stop work (and something to look forward to at the end of the day)

    8. Wash your hands at the end of the work day

    Having a small ritual like washing your hands or changing your clothes can be a great way to get out of 'work' mode and into 'home' mode.

    9. Every time you leave the room, organize or put back one thing

    Every time you leave your desk, take one item with you and put it back. Maybe it's a book you were doing research with. Or some pens you needed to take notes. Put things back one at a time.

    10. Have a go bag for work

    If you have to head into the office, pack a backpack with all of your work things so you're not scrambling every time you have to head into work. I put my ID, work keys, and everything I need specifically for work (extra cables, chargers, work notebooks) into my bag so I'm not thinking about what I need to bring.

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