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10 Stupid Ideas for NotePD

Sometimes stupid ideas are bad ideas. Other times they're just benignly stupid.

This one stretched my brain a bit.

    1. Start a Beef with Twitter and Elon Musk

    Who doesn't like a good public beef? It's free press and attention.

    Twitter is the internet's town square? Really, Elon? Well NotePD is the internet's think tank. It's better in every way.

    Less anger than Twitter, less manipulation than Twitter, less intervention than Twitter.

    NotePD is just pure ideas. Admit that it's better, Elon! Come at me, bro! What are you gonna do?

    If he gets angry enough, maybe he'll buy it.

    2. Mandatory Tags for Every List

    Okay, this might not actually be stupid, but it opens up pandora's box.

    Reddit has eighty billion subcategories. Once you start dividing, there's no end in sight. BUT... it would be nice to have specific categories of lists that could be followed or ignored.

    Okay, I'm just thinking out loud here, but that's not as stupid as I originally thought. It's the "mandatory" part that's stupid.

    3. Video Lists

    TikTok ruined everything. Even YouTube started making videos vertical and unable to scroll ahead or behind. It sucks.

    Why not let TikTok ruin NotePD too?

    People don't read anymore. Rather than cater to the niche of human beings who enjoy words and creative thinking, let's feed the low-attention-span swill of humanity instead.

    It's inevitable, really.

    4. NotePD Dating

    Anything can be criteria for dating.

    If a woman is creative and has good ideas, I'm turned on. Why not just link to her dating profile directly?

    Maybe there's a "date me" button you can turn on. Or everyone needs to include 'single', 'married', or 'in a relationship' on their profile.

    5. Anonymity is Mandatory

    Instead of getting a profile picture and choosing your own user name, you get assigned a random user name and a random image that you have no control over. Deal with it!

    6. You Can Only Join if You Renounce All Other Social Media

    Hey, it works for cults.

    7. Sponsored Ads

    I don't know how NotePD makes money, but I know I get an endless torrent of awful sponsored ads on every other social media app.

    What's the deal, NotePD? Sell me something! Sell me something stupid! Sell out, dammit!

    8. Vote People "Off the Island"

    What if every "like" was a vote? What if NotePD added downvotes too?

    Now the app is no longer about ideas, it's about clout.

    Get too many downvotes, and you're cast off of the app. Banished. Disgraced.

    This fear would inhibit creative thought and free expression. So, so stupid.

    9. Get the Government Involved

    I'm not sure how this would work or what they would do, but it would be incredibly stupid.

    10. Whoever Has the Most Followers Becomes CEO

    So this will probably be James, but perhaps some scrappy young upstart can gather enough followers to overtake him.

    Because gaining social media followers is a skill that translates very well to the skill set of a CEO, right?

    No? That's stupid too?

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