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10 Suggestions to Stop a Mind Gone Wild

    1. Write the problem down and a solution for each of it.

    The purpose is to focus on the things which can be controlled and let go others.

    2. Read few paras of an autobiography, skip the lines, religious or any biographical book on a daily basis. Don't Skim, Read as if you are writing it.

    Mind is like a field. If you don't sow anything, herbs would come out.

    3. Let go off the people who are real drain on energy.

    They are ones who comes to you to make you anger, to ignite your inner consciousness with same questions as if you owe your life to them.

    Help Yourself before helping others.

    4. Laugh at any insult thrown at you. With it, the purpose of insult would be thrown down the drain.

    Purpose is to demean yourself but you took hold of yourself and now you have moved to a higher location where the other party words won't be deciding your happiness as much your reflection to it.

    5. Remain detached from the output.

    Put your 100% and whatever be the result just accept it. Don't let your happiness/sad/mind state determined by the output of any event.

    6. Think of yourself as a renter in this world. We are all renters and after usage we would living the thing/position/byproduct/valuables for other peoples usage.

    7. This time shall also pass.

    You can't change the past, you can't predict the future, but you can act and take hold of present.

    8. The world is too big with billions of galaxies and you, me or anybody is just a smaller part of it.

    9. Cry, cry, cry. Even fake crying helps in loosing out the inner settled ash.

    10. Write 10 ideas/day.

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