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10 Superpowers I Wish I Had Right Now!

    1. Best character vision

    Instantly detect a person's best quality

    2. Stand up SuperPower

    Cause anyone or any group to laugh uncontrollably at will.

    3. Storytelling Superpower

    Tell someone their ideal story. For example, one that makes them feel whatever they wish, go wherever they like, or experience living another life that's interesting to them.

    4. Multiperspective Attractiveness

    Every person sees you according to what they believe are the most attractive qualities. (I guess it would get confusing but I still like the idea. :D)

    5. Infinite mental library

    All books (even ones that were lost or destroyed) are in my memory and I can instantly find whatever I want there.

    6. Remote mental coaching

    I can think of anyone anywhere, find out what's bothering them, and coach them through it. (Maybe the solution just seems to come to them out of nowhere?)

    7. Explanation chameleon

    I could join any group and instantly be able to explain myself or an idea the best way possible for that group

    8. Super Empath

    Like the Mr. Spock or Deanna Troi on Star Trek, I could instantly feel whatever someone is experiencing.

    9. World creation

    I could create another Earth next to ours with perfect Earth-like conditions and no pollution that we could easily go to if necessary.

    10. Idea list genius

    Ability to instantly create 10 great ideas! 💡

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