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10 Things AI Can Economize in My Process

The days of creating "deliverables" are coming to an end.

10 Things AI Can Economize in My Process

    1. Slide Decks and Presentations

    With few exceptions, I don't have to struggle to come up with an outline and a content flow for presentations. There are AI products out there that will do the whole thing for you. I assume they all need some editing for accuracy and sense making. But having it spit out a 80-90% finished deck in seconds is a HUGE time saver.

    2. Logos, Visuals, Concepts

    Designing logos and visuals, even placeholders for temporary products and designs, is no longer a thing that we need to worry about. You can have 10000 ideas in 1 minute.

    3. Copy and Emails

    I don't write big emails much these days. I prefer to keep communication brief and to the point. I work with people who value directness. I don't know how much AI would help with this right now, but assuming I needed to pen a longer statement, it would help me generate some useful content.

    4. Code

    I used to hand prototype front end software code. I don't do that as much anymore, but I'm very seriously considering including some of this in my services again as an add-on with the exception that I don't have to sit down and labor over hand-coded output. Clients don't care about the quality of the code of a prototype - it's all smoke and mirrors. Why not have a computer do it for me?

    5. App Designs

    AI can generate entire interactive workflows for mobile apps now. Gone are the days of having to manually build out a sample UI and workflow. Experiments per week through the roof.

    6. Meeting Notes

    Obvious - comb a recorded meeting, summarize, bullet point, digest. Remove all need to rewatch or recap a conversation in real time.

    7. Research Transcripts and Synthesis

    When doing research interviews with clients and customers, you can load in a recording or transcript and it will summarize the big points and themes without you having to watch or comb through the words yourself. Game changer.

    8. Extracting Ideas From Noise

    Enter a batch of messages, emails, or documents and have the AI synthesize all the themes and expose concepts that were previously invisible to you (because of bias, fatigue, oversight).

    9. Invoices and Billing

    Probably at some point I can just set up AI billing - but I won't need that just yet. I need more products on market first.

    10. Test Product / Concept Copy

    Do more experiments with fewer hours and days devoted to creating actual copy. Use the right keywords, and let the AI coalesce on a reasonable direction. Test. Measure. Repeat.

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