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10 things I am look foward in technological advancement


    1. AI

    We are in the infancy of AI development. The innovations we boast about today will pale compared to what's to come. Will AGI be a reality in our lifetime? Will we have a symbiotic relationship with AI or an adversarial one?

    2. Biotechnology

    Advances in medicines, gene editing, and nanotechnology. Will be able to synthesize organs and limbs. Overcome diseases like cancer?

    3. Robotics

    Will I finally have an Android butler? Will advanced robots be used in warfare? Will drone technology advance? Will robots be used or handling hazardous material? Will I get drone pizza delivery to my door?

    4. Autonomous Vehicles

    There was a lot of hype about driverless cars and trucks that would put Uber drivers and truckers out of job. That has yet to happen. But in the future, will people even need to own cars?

    5. Augment and VR envioronments

    It has not taken off as a technology. But imagine being able to view new homes for a real estate purchase as if you were there. New types of games will incorporate real-world elements. Travel back in time.

    VR learning could bring a whole new dimension to schooling when coupled with advanced in generative AI. Could this revolutionize teaching as we know it?

    6. 5G technology and beyond

    The cost of data transfer rates will increase. What new technologies could spawn or could it accelerate new technological innovation?

    7. Portable Quantum Computing

    Could have portable computers as apps on our phones that we can connect to solve complex problems, and what will that mean for speed?

    8. Energy

    With the advancement of new innovations in AI and technology overall, we will discover and harness new sources of energy. and move away from our dependency on oil. Perhaps we can mine other planets for resources.

    9. Cybernetic Enhancments

    Will be able to augment our strength, intelligence, dexterity, and health with cybernetic devices. Will we become one with our machines

    10. Solve the hard problem of conciousness

    Could we understand how consciousness works? Is it malleable? You can transfer it like a virtual machine. Is there a mythical underpinning to consciousness or an underlying order that is hidden from us?

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