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10 things I learned from the 2022 FIFA Men's World Cup Final

It was a game for the ages and the unlikely happened, many times. Here's what I took away from it

    1. The best fight to the end

    When France was losing by a lengthy margin they played like they could win game. When France scored those two unanswered goals, Argentina responded. Neither team ever let up.

    2. Don't get too comfortable

    By soccer standards, 2-0 is a comfortable lead, so Argentina took their foot off the gas. That's when France tied it.

    3. You can comeback

    Related to above. It didn't look like France would comeback from 2-0. But they did. They refused to think it was over.

    4. You can do everything right and still lose

    Kylian Mbappé scored the second World Cup Final hat-trick ever and France still lost. You couldn't have asked more from him or anyone on the French team. As it was written in the Bhagavad Gita, G 2.47: You have a right to perform your prescribed duties, but you are not entitled to the fruits of your actions.

    5. Just because it hasn't been done/is unlikely, doesn't mean you can't do it

    The hat-trick, the comeback, the high-scoring. No one could have predicted that these things would happen, nor did anyone think they would live to see the day they would.

    6. Winning is hard, but losing is hardest

    When you win, the work is over. When you lose, especially after putting forth your best effort on the world's stage, you have to process it, which includes dealing with your emotions and trying not to overthink why you lost, to name only a few.

    7. The mental game is the most important

    You can't mount a comeback like France did without mental strength. Nor can you regain the lead like Argentina did. Mbappé wouldn't have gotten that hat-trick (and the first penalty kick) without composure. Argentina goalie, Emiliano Martinez, couldn't get into the minds of the French shooters either.

    8. Don't give up

    Of all the lessons from yesterday's game, this was among the biggest.

    9. Wait to touch the trophy

    There's real discipline in winning - it's not possible without it. But, and this is my opinion, many of the Argentina players were kissing the World Cup trophy before they were actually awarded it. To me that means, there's as much discipline in being crowned the champion as becoming the champion.

    10. You never get there alone

    Lionel Messi finally won because he had a great supporting cast. Mbappé doesn't get the hat-trick without his teammates.

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