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10 Things I Learned From Writing 100 Idea Lists

I can finally write something like this... Yeah!

    1. It's easier to write 2 idea lists a day, 5 days a week... than it is to write 1 idea list a day, 7 days a week.

    Rest and relaxation help re-fuel momentum.

    2. Write (and create) idea lists mostly about things that you have fun writing about.

    While you can stretch your brain sometimes writing about the unfamiliar, doing it too often can become a "mental turn-off".

    3. Focus on one thing at a time.

    If you want to exercise your idea muscle, exercise your idea muscle. If you want to exercise your writing muscle, exercise your writing muscle. Trying to do both at the same time can create a heavy toll on the mind. Unless you are already sufficiently good at both and find them almost effortless.

    4. Structure improves creative focus.

    While I've never had problems being creative or coming up with new ideas, I've noticed that regularly creating idea lists is help me be more focused when it comes to my ideas. For example, instead of coming up with 10 random ideas on different topics, it's a lot easier for me now to come up with 10 ideas on the same line of thought.

    5. You can always improve, no matter how good you are.

    I've never had problems coming up with new ideas. My problems relate to having too many. However, now my problem has multiplied several fold (in a good way). It's cool seeing myself get better at something I'm already good at.

    6. I'm getting a lot more insights daily.

    Coming up with new ideas is one thing. Coming up with new insights is another. And while ideas come easily to me, insights don't always come that easily. However, creating idea lists daily is turning that around. Deep insights are starting to come a lot easier these days... wow!

    7. I'm finding it a lot easier to create content now.

    I sometimes struggle with structuring new content. It's gotten a lot easier now. All I have to do is come up with 10 ideas, elaborate on each one, and... BOOM! New content.

    8. Getting into the flow of writing is getting a lot easier.

    It's gotten a lot easier for me to start writing, and to keep writing. Well, it's still somewhat limited to writing about things I find fun or interesting. But still, it's a huge improvement.

    9. It feels good looking at my profile and knowing that I have over 100 idea lists.

    Feelings of accomplishment.

    10. Have fun in everything you do.

    One thing I'm reminded of while doing these idea lists is... it's important to have fun no matter what you do.

    Life is a bore if you just do something everyday simply because you want to meet a target or goal... and you have to wait until you meet that target or goal before you give yourself permission to be happy.

    Find the fun (things you enjoy and intrinsically like doing) in the daily routines of life.

    For example, you're going to write idea lists everyday anyway. So why not focus only on writing on stuff that you find fun and interesting? You're getting better AND having fun while you're at it.

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