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10 things I learned recently

10 things I learned recently

    1. The name Yael means "mountain goat"

    2. Leg strength is strongly correlated with longevity

    Steven Kotler.

    3. Creativity is the intersection of intelligence and imagination

    According to Scott Barry Kaufman's definition. He said something like "intelligence is understanding what is, imagination is thinking of what could be."

    4. There's a political figure in Israel who wants to make it impossible for non-Orthodox Jews to immigrate to the country


    5. Throughout its history, Persia was in a great geographical position compared to the rest of the Middle East

    which explained its success. Not sure of all the details but Peter Zeihan writes about it in Disunited Nations.

    6. Thrill seeking is highly correlated with creativity

    or something like that. Scott Barry Kaufman mentioned it in a podcast with Steven Kotler. He said the study would be published soon.

    7. It's important to have friends of different age groups

    Also from the podcast I mentioned above.

    People tend to be friends with people of their own generation but it's beneficial to also be friends with people who are, let's say, 20 years younger. One benefit is that you don't die without friends: lots of old folks outlive all their friends and end up lonely.

    This is apparently common in the "blue zones" of the world.

    8. The Mexican state of Yucatan is safer than Wyoming

    I learned this from Sovereign Man's eBook.

    However: It's important to specify that the state of Yucatan is not the same as the Yucatan peninsula. Yucatan is contained within the Yucatan peninsula but there are also other states like Quintana Roo, which I'm not sure is as safe. While Cancun is mostly safe for tourists, I've heard the city itself (outside of the touristy areas) can be quite rough, and I've heard of the occasional gang shootings (even in the touristy area, were I knew someone who got shot, although I assume it's very rare for tourists to be the victims).

    9. The word "bank" comes from the Italian word for "bench"

    Same book.

    10. Peter Thiel is a big fan of René Girard

    From the book Wanting, by Luke Burgis.

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