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10 Things I like about James Altuchur

While we have never met, I feel like I know him...

    1. He is an open book. (Mostly)

    James has a ton of guts when it comes to telling the truth about himself. He confesses things that many of us would keep hidden from our closest friends. And we appreciate it,.

    2. James knows that you give to get.

    Free advice, free ideas, free books, free Twitter Q&A, and free access to his cell phone number! Who does that? Maybe he doesn't do that anymore, I'm not sure, but he keeps on giving.

    3. He has discipline

    The commitment required to achieve great things can be overwhelming, but day by day step by step even the toughest of goals and the completion of the most difficult of projects can be ACHIEVED.

    4. He is willing to try new things

    Life will never be boring if you continue to try new things, develop new skills, meet new people, listen to new music and eat new foods. Ruts become graves.

    5. He is willing to fail

    Many people claim to be willing to fail, yet are still afraid of actually failing. James knows and shares that failure like success is a temporary condition and not a life sentence.

    6. He overshares

    Sometimes you just have to laugh out loud at some of the casually revealed quirks and habits.

    7. He finds a way.

    Oh, look a wall. Can I go over under around or thru? Is this actually a wall or is it a big door that if knocked upon will swing open? Let's Try. NO. OK - Can I build a catapult? Do I know a catapult expert? Should I just paint a door on the wall and open it like a Road Runner cartoon? James finds a way.

    8. He knows that the idea list exercise works and shared it with the world.

    Personally, I don't like writing on water pads. My handwriting is terrible. But typing and talking to text with Grammarly correcting my errors - this is awesome.

    9. He is not shy about sharing controversial opinions.

    A Radio Program Director once told me " You can't move people positively without moving some people negatively." He also said, "No one calls the Dairy to tell them the milk is fresh". The complaints will always be louder, the haters will always hate. But a firmly held opinion backed with sound reason, one that challenges the status quo will make the right people think and many people notice. Be bold.

    10. James is pretty funny.

    Humor is subjective, and being humorous comes easy to some, but being professionally funny, and getting paid for it, well, that takes more than just being born with a ready wit.

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