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10 things I miss about living in Morocco

After grad school, I spent a year living in Casablanca and working at a high-growth start-up. It was a difficult year, and there were many things I found challenging about my experience, but from time to time I'll feel a pang of nostalgia for Morocco. Here are a few of the things I miss.

    1. Hammams

    My absolute favorite part of living in Morocco. I loved getting weekly massages and facials at the hammam near me. The products were wonderful, and the hammam experience was so affordable because baths are a part of the culture.

    2. Cheap, fresh OJ

    Ripe fruit is one of the biggest and most underrated pluses of living in tropical latitudes, imho. I definitely didn't value the delicious, fresh-squeezed orange juices I used to drink every day as much as I should have.

    3. Exposure to a foreign language on a daily basis

    I spent ~5 years learning Arabic in college and grad school, but I didn't have the occasion to use it in real life until I lived in Morocco.

    4. Mint Tea

    So soothing and so delicious! It was always a good time for mint tea.

    5. The constant feeling of discovery associated with living in a new place

    I think this would probably apply anywhere, but I felt uprooted a lot in Morocco because it was so foreign to me. While this was uncomfortable, I'm grateful that it helped me to grow.

    6. The Sahara

    Vast and void, but so so mysterious. Especially beautiful at night.

    7. Beach clubs

    For ~$5-10 per day, access to a comfortable chair, a place to put my books and things, and amazing beverages. Such a fun way to spend a lazy Sunday.

    8. Cheap car rentals

    With a car, my friends and I would get out of the city for the weekend and would discover all different corners of Morocco. Which brings me to...

    9. Easy access to cultural, historical, and geographic diversity

    Morocco is actually larger than many maps belie, but most of its cities are accessible by car and concentrated in the north. One of my favorite things about living there was getting to see so much history by visiting Fes, Tangiers, Marrakech, Ouarzazate, Rabat, Essaouira, and more.

    10. Camels

    Camels aren't for everyone, but I found them so cute. They're also very fun to ride.

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