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10 Things I Miss About the COVID-19 Lockdowns (That I Still Do)

Been thinking about writing this one for a while too. Especially after reading @BillBergeman & @arampersaud 's posts. 

    1. Quality time with my husband

    Not having to do so much outside the home, means more time spent together, and guess what, we absolutely loving it. Now we still do, but there are more social obligations and work commutes, ha.

    2. Time spend in nature

    I had fun looking for new but close enough places to hike. It became a new hobby of ours.

    3. Less Fomo

    I guess because there's nothing much going on, then we focused on the things we actually want to do. I'm surprised at how happy I am not meeting people for a change (I thought I was a full extrovert). This helped me prioritize what I actually like to do with my time, without the social pressure.

    4. Normalizing work from home & remote working culture

    It works. Sure, there are challenges, but it works. Not everyone is more productive by going to the office.

    5. Less tourists in the city

    Makes me realize how crowded everything is in Berlin before and after.

    6. Less tourists elsewhere

    I know, I should like tourists more, because I travel a lot too. It was great to go to Mallorca without the party beach, or Santorini without the multiple cruise ships.

    7. I can live with less stuff

    There were many things I bought just for stylin'.  

    8. Getting takeouts from Michelin Star restaurants

    When else can you eat Michelin star food in your pjs?

    9. Everyone on zoom

    As someone who lives abroad, it's the norm that we missed out on family meetups. It's when everyone suddenly on zoom, we actually can meet everyone on the special festivities.

    10. I get to try some hobbies and realized it’s really not for me

    Like gardening or baking.

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