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10 Things I Need to Do Before I Launch Legacy of the Cage

It's crunch time, and I feel like there are more like 100 things, but we're close, and this is what gets me across the finish line and the book into your digital reader of choice.

10 Things I Need to Do Before I Launch Legacy of the Cage

    1. Still Some Rules Copy to Finish

    I hate that I whiffed on my "Copy final" deadline, but I read the book over yesterday and realized I missed TWO important points that never even made it into the latest version of the manuscript. Whoops.

    2. Layout Tweaks

    The text needs to be formatted down to the character level. That is, I need to apply bold, italic, and underline where the text calls for it. In a roleplaying game rulebook (which is like a fancy text book), this is plentiful and important.

    3. Artwork

    Confession: there isn't much artwork. I'm going to fill in this version with some stock art and maybe some mashups I come up with, but it's a text-forward edition.

    Good news, though, is that if you pick this up through any digital storefront, you get free updates for the lifetime of the product meaning I'm going to keep making the book better over time, so if you buy now, you've got a lot to look forward to.

    4. Update Website

    The PlayArchtitect Games website (my game company) is a little out of date. It needs a content refresh for the Legacy of the Cage section. You can see it now at http://playarchitect.games and check back soon when it's updated. The links to buy the game will be there as well when it launches.

    5. Update Retail Pages

    I've got the pages in draft mode, but they need the copy from the website (at minimum) and a positive sales funnel of copy to get potential buyers to the buy links.

    6. Finalize Sales Copy

    For the retail pages. See above.

    7. Newsletter Blast

    I have a list of people who joined a newsletter a couple years ago that I want to give a chance to pick the game up at launch. I haven't used the newsletter list in a while, but it's game and design themed, so this will be on-topic (I wouldn't send a notice to anyone on, say, a cat enthusiast list because it's unrelated and spammy).

    8. Instagram Launch Posts

    My twitter feed is dormant, but my IG is quite active. I have a template that I use to produce high contrast quick hitting posts - we'll need a launch day post to go out on July 1. Good to have that done before we ship.

    9. Back Cover

    It doesn't seem that important, but even a digital book feels incomplete without a back cover of sorts. I have the front cover ready to go.

    10. Front-Matter

    The copyright, the publishing information, colophon maybe, thank yous and mentions for the people who helped playtest and critique the game over the years.

    11. Table of Contents

    I think this is "easy" ish to do with the publishing software I'm using, but if not, it's one more skill to pile onto the stack of publishing that I didn't realize I needed to have. (the index will come well after launch).

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