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10 Things I Really Miss About The Good Old Days

    1. Not having to have a cellphone

    You didn't have to immediately respond to a text/email/phone call. You could actually live your own life.

    You could choose to not use one today, but it would be difficult. You definitely need to ration out your time.

    2. Media reported the news

    It wasn't all opinion peices and it wasn't designed to divide America. It was meant to inform.

    3. Local businesses

    There are probably a ton of local businesses still thriving, but there were much less chain restaurants, stores, manufacturers, etc. They actually cared about their employees, because they lived with them in the same place.

    4. Your dollar went a lot further

    In America, yes, a TV was maybe more expensive, but a car, house, education, and healthcare were MUCH more affordable. Many families had only one person working.

    5. You got treated well on an airplane

    There was more room and they gave you food. Now, I think the planes weren't as safe!

    6. Politicians weren't so polarizing

    Maybe that's just perception. But, they seemed to operate closer to the center.

    7. More of a sense of community

    Since there were less opportunites for engagemetn online, people spent more time in their communities. Relgious, sport, movie theatres, whatever.

    8. Don't Miss - Women had less rights

    There was a lot of sexual harrassment. There was a lot of gatekeeping.

    9. Don't Miss - LGBTQ+ had zero rights

    We had "Don't ask, don't tell." In our military. Both political parties didn't believe in marriage equality for all.

    10. Don't Miss - More crime and corruption

    Lot of organized crime. Lot more crime in cities. Despite what the media tells you today, we are WAY safer in America. Cities like NYC were a cesspool and very dangerous at night. Politicans and companies probably got away with a lot more crime, due to less electronic requirements. And you could probably silence whistelblowers easier.

    11. Don't Miss - Old, White men really did run the world

    They still sort of do, but there is a lot more balance than their used to be.

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