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10 Things I Really Miss About The Good Old Days

    1. No mobile phones

    Controversial choice, but I miss not being contactable 24 hours a day. If you'd arranged to meet someone you damn well had to turn up, as there was no way to tell them you'd be late once you'd left the house!

    2. Things were made to last

    Back in the day things were built to last. Such things as home appliances, tools, and even houses! There wasn't such a throwaway culture and things were built with pride and attention to detail.

    3. No social media

    Back in the past people used to eat food without taking pictures of it and posting it for the world to see.

    4. Music was special

    When I was growing up, music was an event. If you wanted to hear a great new track you either had to hopefully catch it on the radio/tv or go out and physically buy it. There was no Youtube, Spotify, or Ipods to easily access music. On Sundays I'd often try to record my favourite tracks on cassette as they were being played on the radio!

    5. Few TV channels

    Here in the UK for many years there were only 4 TV channels. The quantity was low, but the quality was way higher than nowadays.

    6. Family Time

    Lack of modern technology meant more time was spent talking and interacting with family. No phones at the dinner table!

    7. People just got on with life

    No social media, excessive news and less crazy social movements. People just got on with life without taking themselves too seriously.

    8. Blockbuster video

    Come Friday night, a trip to Blockbuster was such an exciting event! You went to a big building to choose a film to rent for the weekend.

    9. Counting change

    As we are rapidly becoming a cashless society, I feel that certain skills are being lost. Money to children now is largely just a number on a screen, and they likely will never know the joys of receiving and saving coins in a piggy bank.

    10. Innocent birthday parties

    When I was a kid, a birthday party meant sandwiches and cake at home. Kids nowadays have trips to salons, teepees, and rented entertainers.

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