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Nicola Fisher


10 Things I Really Miss About The Good Old Days

    1. Television was worth watching

    2. Fresh food had flavour

    Carrots tasted like carrots.

    3. Going out for a meal was a special occasion

    When we went out for a meal, we got dressed up. There was a certain reverence to the whole process of going out. It felt special.

    4. Fewer demands

    I don't know if this was strictly true but, looking back, it seemed as though life placed fewer demands on people. There was a clear delineation between home and work. You worked, came home and did other things. There was a limit to how much you could fit into one day.

    5. Musical Films

    I was a big fan of musical films. Seven Brides, Annie Get Your Gun, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang etc.

    6. Everyone knew you

    All the neighbours knew each other. My Mum, who had lived in the town all her life always seemed to know everyone.

    7. Letter writing

    I loved writing and receiving letters. We all wrote to each other when I was at school. I had several pen pals.

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