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10 Things I Really Miss About The Good Old Days

    1. The days when friends still knew how to hold a conversation... without 80% of the time being spent looking at their phones.

    2. The days when people valued conversation over "status updates".

    3. The days when you could walk around without shocking anyone half to death every time you sneezed on a dusty day.

    4. The days when MMORPGs were actually... so fun to play that... you could get lost in them for years!

    5. The days when we had "unsmart" phones that were tougher than bricks and had lots of neat pixels.

    6. The days when people had a better sense of aesthetics and design.

    7. The days when you could watch stand-up comedy without waiting for the comedian to get tackled or slapped on stage.

    8. The days when companies were still clueless about the internet and online fortunes were much more easily made.

    9. The days when obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer were still relatively rare problems you would normally never hear about.

    10. The days when nobody even knew what "organic produce" was because EVERY produce was organically grown and so much more delicious and nutritious.

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