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Mike Ramm


10 things I want in life

Thanks to @lovingkindnesscomedy for the topic

    1. Stable money income without the need to work 9-5

    I want to travel the world, to write and to make music, so I just need time to do that instead of going to work every day

    2. To live in a small village on a Greek island

    I imagine my days starting with a small trip in the sea with my little boat.

    3. To write books

    I have so much to say but I don't know how. I just need the free time and no worries to be able to write.

    4. To make music with my friends

    I like to play drums and cajon. I want to have friends who share my musical taste and to play music with.

    5. To meet a beautiful woman and to love each other

    No comment

    6. To have my own TV or YouTube show (video podcast)

    7. To build a big statue or memorial

    Of course, I cannot build it with my hands but I want to have the money to fund the project.

    8. To lose some weight

    Just to me more healthy

    9. To teach courses on Communications and Public Speaking

    I used to do that and I thought it was my vocation. After my divorce I stopped.

    10. To have calm evenings with my friends and just to talk

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