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10 Things I Want to Learn How to Do

But I know that I'm going to wreck all the other things I'm actually learning how to do right now.

So, let's call this a backlog.

10 Things I Want to Learn How to Do

    1. Disc Golf

    As many sports as I've played, you'd think I knew how to throw a flying disc reasonably well, but that would be incorrect. Disc Golf combines golf (I play) with something I kind of don't play (flying disc/Frisbee). That's a way to use something I know to learn something I don't.

    And you get to throw cool neon discs at cages in the woods. I'm in.

    2. Woodworking

    Of all formats. A good friend of mine just gave me a sweet chisel set and I want to put it to good use, but I'm as amateur as they come.

    The idea of building beautiful stuff out of wood with my own two hands is alluring.

    I have the workshop set up already.

    3. Rock Climbing

    Like the kind where you ascend a rocky cliff to the top of a plateau before dawn. I recently hiked out west and the nature preserve I was on had both hiking and climbing trails - in fact some were hybrid where you could hike out a certain distance but if you wanted to keep going you had to climb. That's so cool!

    4. Digital Painting

    I dabbled in digital art recently, but it's closer to comic art than traditional painting. I mean like be Bob Ross with a Wacom tablet. Happy accidents and all.

    5. Sales and Marketing

    Technically I sell myself and my services every time I speak with a potential client, but I'm thinking more about how I can set up a sales framework for EVERYTHING I do: software strategy consulting, game publishing, whatever! I need to sell the idea of ME and help people see how I can help them. I'm a noob.

    6. Tabletop Wargaming

    I play RPGs, board games, video games, classic games; and I'm well aware of tabletop wargaming, but I have never painted miniature figurines and brought them to an actual table in real life to roll dice and do battle.

    Fun fact: Robin Williams was an enormous Warhammer 40K fan.

    7. Bridge, Canasta, Mahjong, Go

    More classic games I have almost no idea how to play. I love backgammon, I'm in and out of love with chess, and there are more beautiful and strategic games that are basically eternal to fall in love with out there.

    8. Piloting

    Part of me knows I could have been an incredible pilot had I started younger. I figure I can still learn, but I wouldn't be you know... Maverick or anything out there. Just competent and able to fly my friends around the region for short trips. That sounds fun.

    9. Minor Mechanical Repair

    I don't expect to open my own garage or anything, but I like knowing I can diagnose and fix a problem myself without having to resort to constantly calling experts (but, again, in my previous list I insist you call an expert if the situation warrants it).

    10. Personal Training/Therapy/Fitness Instruction

    Because I think there is a big market of people out there who love games and roleplaying but are scared of gyms or were picked on as kids for liking the "wrong stuff" and now they're unhealthy and sad about it and all they have are games to make them feel good about themselves.

    11. Hypnosis

    Actual, real hypnosis. I've read a bunch of books. It's time to take the practice to a new level.

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