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10 Things I Will Do To Maximize My Energy in 2023

Like many of you, I have ambitious goals for 2023. One of the key ingredients to achievement is simply having the mental, physical, and emotional energy to power through difficult tasks, arduous obstacles, and the necessary work required to do great things.

    1. Wake up early.

    I’m aiming for 4 am every day.

    Waking up before the world begins its frenetic pace is an excellent way to get in all the things that are easy to skip when waking up late: meditation, journaling, strength training, stretching and running.

    2. Go to sleep early in order to not have to wake up to an alarm.

    I’m aiming for no later than 9 pm.

    Waking to an alarm disrupts the necessary rest to recharge the mind and body. If I want to wake up early and not wake to an alarm, then I must go to bed early.

    3. Renew my one-year vow to not drink alcohol.

    On December 31, 2020, I vowed not to drink any alcohol in 2021. I did it, and the positive effect was enormous. It’s amazing the difference in energy in the morning without alcohol. I decided to go another year in 2022, and I made it (with two days to go), so I’m going to keep it going.

    4. Drink targeted caffeine.

    I’ve made no secret of my love for coffee on many lists on NotePD. I could drink it all day (I don’t but I would love to!).

    I think instead of MORE coffee, I’m going to limit myself to two servings and drink them only when I know I want to maximize my mental energy; i.e., just before writing.

    5. Smile more.

    This is something I’ve gotten better at over the years. I used to keep a pretty Four expression most of the time, even when I felt great. I’ve learned the mind-body connection is powerful. We can flip our attitudes by projecting positive external gestures, such as standing tall, making strong eye contact, and of course, smiling.

    6. Run more.

    Running is my primary activity and I do it quite a bit, but I want to do it more in the coming year - both for enjoyment and for energy. Running always energizes My day.

    7. Lift weights more.

    I’ve done a lot more strength training this year to help with some running injuries, and it has worked well. However, most of it has been bodyweight exercises with the occasional use of bands. I do lift weights but it’s been nominal. I’d like to hit the weights more next year not just for the physical benefit but also because, like running, it energizes me.

    8. Avoid negative people.

    This one needs little explanation. Negative people are always a drain. Avoid them like the plague.

    9. Be overly kind to everyone.

    I think I’m good at this but not consistently so. I find being kind not only makes the other person feel good, but I feel good as well. Even when I do have to deal with negative people, being kind to them is always the best approach. And when I don’t treat someone with as much kindness as I could have, it definitely weighs on me. So by simply being more kind to people, I would expect to be more energetic.

    10. Invest more time with supportive friends and family.

    The key word here is “supportive.” By connecting with people I care about who support me, I expect that to help provide me with greater energy.

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