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10 things I've learned in the past 10 years

A quick timeline:

2013: my Mum died
2015: I met my future husband (I had no idea back then)
2016: my Dad died
2018: Chris and I got married
2019: I left my day job
2019: we decided to relocate to Derbyshire
2020: we moved house
2021: we moved into our new house

    1. The future is a surprise

    My Mum's death was a catalyst for everything that came after. My life has changed out of all recognition. I've changed jobs, gone from being single to married, relocated to a completely new area, and am doing something that I thought would only ever be a pipe dream.

    2. Seize the day

    Life has been a rollercoaster since I met Chris. We've done so much together, and achieved things as a couple that we wouldn't have done alone. Chris is more gung ho than me in some areas. This has rubbed off on me. I put off doing stuff far less now.

    3. Sometimes the stars align

    If my Mum hadn't died when she did, it's quite likely I wouldn't be sitting here now, typing this in our house in Derbyshire. It was one of my pivotal moments that changed my life in so many ways, and put in motion a whole sequence of events.

    4. A new chapter

    When one or both of your parents die, (or other loved ones), the page turns and you begin a new chapter. There becomes a before and after period.

    5. Nothing lasts forever

    Sometimes you're in a situation that you think will never change. In a job, a lifestyle, a relationship or no relationship. As my Dad said often, nothing lasts forever, neither the good nor the bad.

    6. Timing is everything

    I was happily single for a long time. I didn't envisage that changing. And then I met Chris when I was 51. Like The Adjustment Bureau, life unfolds in a particular way in its own good time. You can't rush it.

    7. Dream the dream

    Every time I visited Derbyshire over the years, I'd end up saying, or writing in my journal, I wish I could live here. Time and again, the same words. I thought it would happen much later, if ever. It was a good dream. I'm a country girl at heart. Our life here suits me.

    8. Go all in

    I used to work as a Business Advisor in my last day job. When I left to forge my own path, I became a self-employed business advisor. Not really my plan! It took a while to find my feet and find my way. I wanted to be a writer but I kept doing other things instead. Finally, I went all in, and that made the difference.

    9. Do what you love

    Life is short. Make sure you love your life and, if not, course correct.

    10. You're never too old

    Great things can happen at any age. You can fulfil long held dreams at any time. You're never too old. It's never too late.
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