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10 things learnt from Bullet Train(2022).

Brad Pitt still have a great physique and Film Physics seems to be of another planet.

It to me a classic example of what not to do in a film?

    1. Don't trust a girl with tears and a story.

    2. If you happens to be an assassin then wear bullet proof vest even while travelling.

    Keep this secret with yourself so that your partner won't get a chance to live.

    3. Even a water bottle have an story

    A water bottle could travel from one compartment to another throughout the film.

    4. Repeat out a noun again and again so that it can define/justify the film.

    Fate is inevitable. Hope fate is noun :-).

    5. People on start where at hospital, join the train at another station.

    Looks like someone was made to capture the train and train seems to be roaming in the film studio.

    6. You can break the running bullet train glass with your fist.

    It was done from outside and friction, drift all seems to be thrown into the air.

    7. A villain can book all the tickets with no passenger other than the relevant travelling to final destination.

    8. Another World Japan allows guns on station and in train. No police and everything shall needs to be handled by yourself.

    9. Introduce character randomly besides side character should get killed as soon as they are introduced.

    10. You can turn every negative into positive, just change the perspective.

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