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10 things learnt from James show with Jason feifer.


This is the best image I could get from AI.


    1. Self declared emperor of San Fransisco

    Joshua Norton, South African and moves to San Francisco during early mid 18 hundreds.

    2. Plato argued that fiction should be regulated by the state because he saw it as such a powerful force.

    Storytelling is the most compelling way in which you can make your spectator a participatant.

    3. Successful people adapt to change.

    Ability to see opportunity in chaos drives people's success.

    4. Aversion Theory, focus more on avoiding loss than gain.

    5. Content builds relationships which then again would be monetizable.

    6. Needs never go away.

    Just find the need during current atmosphere and you would be top off it.

    7. As an Individual, we are too closely associated with the output of our work.

    8. Define a mission which would be unchangeable during time of change.

    Like making people happy with sweet baked goods.

    9. Wheel:- How I would be able to help people adapt better. Spoke:- What do you have which helps in keep moving and allows you to create a personal brand.

    10. Steps to communicate an idea to people.

    Big Idea with a name.

    Story of some-else doing it.

    Story of my experience doing it.

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