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Nicola Fisher


10 things that a great delivery service does

    1. They employ a Chris

    We live on a small cul de sac. Delivery drivers whizz in and out all day. We're in the sticks so people rely on deliveries.

    Our favourite delivery guy is Chris. Of Irish descent, he's always cheerful and likes to chat. He loves taking a look at my husband's workshop for a few minutes when he drops off a parcel. He brings me Turkish Delight.

    2. They lift a heavy box over the threshold

    Some delivery guys dump heavy parcels on the path. I'm pretty strong so I can manoeuvre boxes. But it's always nice when a delivery guy offers to leave the parcel just inside the door.

    3. They say hello to the dog

    Bamber, my husband's Guide Dog, gets quite vocal when we have deliveries. He thinks every parcel is for him. He barks until the visitor at the door says hello to him and makes a fuss. He's a big German Shepherd so his size can be intimidating, especially if he's barking at the same time. But he's a big baby and just wants a cuddle.

    4. They leave a parcel when you're out

    There's nothing worse than being carded - we tried to deliver your parcel but you were out. Around here, parcels are often left on the doorstep. We live in a quiet rural area so, as long as it doesn't rain, the parcel is perfectly safe. Good delivery guys will ask a neighbour to take in your parcel. They will knock on my husband's workshop door if they know he's in there.

    5. They know their customers

    Even though delivery guys are working against the clock, they often have a regular route. So, we know them and they know us. We like that connection. They all know my husband and his woodturning. They know Bamber.

    6. They take care with your parcels

    None of that throwing boxes around the van. A good delivery guy makes sure your purchases arrive in one piece.

    7. They plan ahead

    It's great when a van arrives with a delivery and they don't have to root through all their packages to find yours. They've already done that at their last drop off and your parcel is either sitting on the passenger seat or is the next one out, already at the back door.

    8. They don't clock off early

    I'm a tracker. I love getting post or parcels and, if I know I'm expecting a package, I'll keep my eye on the delivery details. Sometimes, in the past, I've waited up for a parcel (any time up to 22:00) only for it not to arrive.

    9. They tell the truth

    This isn't really a delivery service issue - once a shipper lied about a parcel expected 'next day delivery' before Christmas. After much to-ing and fro-ing, and calling of his bluff, it finally arrived a month later.

    Chris, our friendly delivery guy, tried to help us find the shipment that hadn't been shipped.

    I'd rather know the truth, whatever that might be, than be told transparent lies.

    10. They're kind

    Another Chris story. He has a great rapport with some of the children in the village, taking one or two under his wing, bringing them sweets, and remembering their birthdays.

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