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10 things that can be done in less than 5 minutes that will improve your life

    1. Meditate

    5 minutes of meditation can make a big difference in how you feel!

    2. Take time to be grateful

    Spend a few minutes thinking about some of the wonderful things in your life! Or send someone a thank you note.

    3. Exercise / Stretch

    Take a five minute break to get up from your desk and stretch or go for a walk or better yet, take five minutes to move your body while you are making your morning cup of coffee

    4. Message a friend or family member

    Drop someone you haven't spoken to in a while a message to see how they are doing.

    5. Read something inspiring

    Find a short uplifting story to brighten your day.

    6. Write

    Write about anything! Journal, create a story, write what you are thankful for, write about your hopes and dreams, just the act of creating something is uplifting!

    7. Offer a hand to someone.

    Buy a cup of coffee or a sandwich for a homeless person, help the elderly lady get her groceries to the car, give someone you don't know a hand with something heavy at the hardware store.

    8. Learn

    Spend 5 minutes googling something about a topic that interests you or you don't understand.

    9. Practice a foreign language

    Spend 5 minutes on duolingo or another language app.

    10. Create something!

    If writing isn't your thing, try drawing, painting or making a collage.

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