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Bill Bergeman


10 Things That Don't Matter

    1. Your GPA.

    You know all those job interviews that required your GPA to apply or be hired? Yeah, I don't remember any of them either.

    2. Your vote (sort of).

    Votes can matter, depending on where you live and the candidates for which you want to vote. However, for example, if you live in San Francisco, and you want to elect a Republican for just about anything...good luck. Your vote is meaningless.

    3. Haters.


    4. What others think about your car, house, or clothing.

    As they say, status is the enemy of contentment. Let them whisper and mock while you whistle breezily through life.

    5. Sports scores.

    As much as I love my Chicago Bears, in reality, it makes zero difference in my life if they win it all or lose it all.

    6. Failure.

    My opinion of failure is that it exists when you do something that results in death or abject pain to yourself or others. Otherwise, it doesn't matter. Take it as a learning experience and move on to the next thing.

    7. How many likes or comments you get.

    Do you post for your edification, to inform and instruct, or so people can love and adore you?

    8. Your legacy.

    Quick: Who was the president immediately before Abraham Lincoln? If you don't know the answer, and almost no one does, then how consequential is your life? If the most powerful person in the world for four years, whose actions, directly and indirectly, led to the American Civil War and 600,000 dead people, is not remembered, what do you think you're doing that will last beyond your lifetime?

    This is not to suggest doing big things is not important. I think it only suggests that we should live for the present and not be concerned with what may or may not happen after we pass

    9. Decaffeinated coffee.

    Like. What's the point?

    10. Other people's expectations of you.

    Set your own standards and if you meet them you'll likely surpass what anyone else expects of you anyhow.

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