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10 Things that people complain about: solutions to these are business ideas!

10 Things that people complain about: solutions to these are business ideas!

    1. Waiting in line on a phone queue to talk to someone

    A concierge/personal assistant will stay on the line and get the correct person to talk to for your problem and then immediately transfer the call to you.

    2. "Stupid drivers"

    There are three types of people on the road: assholes, idiots and me! Full autonomous driving will fix this. Subscription service to Uber or similar: unlimited rides for a time period.

    3. Boredom with food choices: sick of eating the same thing

    Delivery roulette: order "dinner for 2" and see what shows up.

    4. Gaining weight

    Stop eating! Not much of a business here. Magic pills would be a great business if they existed.

    5. My boss is a jerk

    Be your own boss: or maybe that will just make your jerk problem worse! You could make a discreet job-hunting site: like Ashley Madison for job hunters.

    6. Seniors who can't figure out technology

    Mobile tech support: become the tech trainer and helper for old-age communities. In a few years, it will be adjusting people's brain implants.

    7. Running out of time

    Hire Superman to fly around the earth to make it stop spinning for a few minutes to give you the time to get where you are going.

    8. Homeless tent cities

    Organize these groups and give them materials to build their own communities and shelters. Just Not In My Back Yard!

    9. Being lonely: trouble making friends

    I guess you don't really hear people complain about being lonely that often because they are by themselves. In VR you can have very niche groups of people that like to knit while scuba diving: these people can find each other. Also AI companions will chat to you 24/7 and keep you company.

    10. Don't like to exercise

    Rent a Tiger business: send a tiger to chase you or someone else so that you can get some cardio. Make your entire house or workplace a connected series of treadmills so that walking to the kitchen takes a long time. Use an outhouse that is far away instead of indoor plumbing.

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