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10 Things That Would Happen If An Asteroid Was Discovered And Was On A Trajectory To Destroy Earth In Two Weeks

This topic is the subject of many films, most notably "Armageddon" and "Seeking a Friend for the End of the World." It's the latter film that better deals with the hopelessness of what's about to happen and does so in a semi-serious, semi-comedic fashion. I actually don't think what happens in that film is too far off, though ultimately I think life during those two weeks would probably be far more chaotic.

My strong suspicion is such an event would highlight the near-lunacy of how we act in our day-to-day lives, to the point that almost everyone would give up what they're doing because they'd realize the futility of it all.

Which makes me wonder: Why don't we see the futility in most of what we do now? Our lives are going to end eventually why do we go through our lives as if there is no deadline?

While an unlikely scenario, this event is not impossible.

What do you think people would do?

What would *you* do?

    1. The value for all currencies would immediately drop to zero.

    Currency becomes useless as people care little about ensuring fair exchange for goods and services, as they won't be in the market for almost anything anymore.

    2. On Day 1, there would be a MASSIVE run on grocery store items, mostly food.

    And since no one is paying for anything, and grocery store clerks and other personnel are not showing up to stock shelves and check people out, you can count on people stealing what they can to have enough food and supplies to last the two weeks. After all, no one wants to starve and no one is going to be serving food anywhere, so best to get what you can from the grocery stores ASAP.

    3. If you own a liquor store, get ready: Your shelves are about to be wiped clean.

    The moment the grocery stores are emptied out, they're coming for your booze.

    4. There would be an insane amount of crime, mainly theft.

    I mentioned food and supplies above, but once those immediate needs are met people will want to live out whatever fun fantasies that have been dancing around in their brains: Shooting guns, playing video games all day, traveling, and much more. And the way they're going to do it is by stealing what they need to make it happen.

    5. People would try to go YOLO but not get very far.

    So people will start stealing whatever they need and want so they can enjoy their last two weeks, but the truth is almost no one is going to show up for their jobs. So, no one is going to fly the airplane, drive the Uber, deal the cards, serve the meal, or guide the trip. Whatever YOLO thing you want to do will probably hit a wall because there won't be anyone around to service you.

    6. Social norms and niceties would go out the window.

    I think most people are generally good and will continue to treat others with a point. For instance, if I'm trying to take food at the grocery store and someone else wants it at the same time, you bet a fight will break out. Remember the beginning of COVID? Imagine that on a significantly grander scale. People will care about one another until they get in the way of one another and then mass chaos will ensue.

    Furthermore, if you are in the minority of people who would have ill intent, this is your green light to go hog wild, and that will probably include a lot of rape and murder. Do you really think the police are going to stay on the job?

    7. People would start having sex like rabbits in heat.

    For those of us who just want to be hedonistic our last two weeks, and there would be a lot of us, this is the time to have crazy wild sex. No birth control or contraception required, because why not?!

    8. All supply chains would come to a halt.

    No one is going to drive delivery trucks, fly airplanes, stock shelves, fulfill orders, or any of that stuff.

    9. Some people would be so in shock and denial that they'd just try to continue their lives as if nothing had changed.

    What do people do when faced with a massive amount of change? They latch on to routine, to something they can control. So some people would attempt to continue to get up in the morning, prepare for work, drive to the office, and do whatever semblance of work they could do given the conditions, drive home, make dinner, watch Netflix, and go to bed.

    10. There would be the world's largest watch party on the night of the collision.

    You bet television crews would stay on the job just to get cameras in position to wherever scientists believe the crash will take place. Many people will try to migrate to that location despite the lack of transportation infrastructure. Those who can't make it will watch from a screen somewhere while boozing it up.

    11. BONUS: Anything that any of us has ever left unsaid will be expressed.

    Every unrequited love, missed opportunity, jealousy, passion, resentment, insecurity, pain, sorrow, and joy will finally have a voice.

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