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10 things that would happen when I have got my life together

Identify the plus ,equals minus of getting these areas of my life sorted out

    1. I hang around with people who make me feel good

    +1 people that want the best for me and mentor me
    =s I compete ,co-operate and grow with the people at my level
    =1 I support, facilitate, mentor these people who are the start of their journey

    2. I became a more rounded improviser

    +1 I watch the best improvisers ,attend their workshops and take lessons
    =s I rehearse perform more
    -1 I tun lessons and host workshops

    3. I have performed at the fringe

    +1 I had a mentor and have taken direction
    =s performed in a troupe and helped
    -1 assisted and helped produce other shows

    4. I raised my base emotional stoic level from 4 to a 7

    +1 following mentors via Kindle (Ryan Holiday) Audible(David Goggins) and Webinars
    =s performed in a troupe and helped
    -1 be an example to other through empathy ,non judgement and listening

    5. I am eating better and I am much healthier

    +1 by researching and understanding the principles used by those I admire
    =s I experiment and try out to see what works for me
    -1 be an example through eating better not for validation

    6. Our house is more functional and easier to live in

    +1 Employ tradesmen to get jobs professionally done
    =s I do the routine cleaning and clearing stuff away
    -1 be an example through eating better not for validation

    7. I walk five miles at pace without being out of breath

    +1 listen to motivating books, podcasts seek out friends so that I raise my drive to walk regularly
    =s take the dog for longer walks increase time and distance by 25%
    -1 reduce resistance make it easier to go on regular walks by having my walking shoes coat by the door so I am ready to go

    8. My family ties are stronger there is less friction and arguing in our family

    +1 I am more vulnerable and listen more to my family
    =s I am more cooperative and I have a flexible approach I dont have to win every discusion argue less
    -1 Add value through engagement not control

    9. I have much more energy

    +1 I did the reach and found the mentors to bring this about
    =s I do energy generating activities I do the difficult things that make me grow
    -1 sense the drains on energy , reduce where I can or sandwich between energy generating activities

    10. I am living my Values

    +1 I actually worked out what my values are
    =s my values drive my actions. Values are tools to live by not status symbols
    -1 remove the habits and behaviours that do note serve my values

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