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10 things that you'd like to accomplish in the final (29) days of the year

    1. Get enough sleep consistently every day

    I've been working on this the whole year. I want to see if I can discipline myself to do it this final month.

    2. Strenuous exercise

    Technically I get exercise everyday, which is at least on hour of walking. But I need to be doing more.

    3. Writing

    More than I would like every day.

    4. Idea lists

    I've embraced the idea lists and I've got several notebooks filled this year, but I only had one month where I did it every day.

    5. Being more social

    Pre-pandemic, I didn't have a problem with this. Now? Since I don't know how people feel about this and COVID is still out there, I've been more cautious. Should I relax?

    6. Be more patient

    I don't have a problem with this per se, but I often find myself feeling impatient when I wish I didn't.

    7. Daily review

    I don't put up my day for review as much as I want because I always say "I'll do it tomorrow" - the procrastinator's motto.

    8. Reading more books

    Takes me a long time to read a book. A book a week seems like a doable goal.

    9. Stress-free holidays

    Every holiday feels the same for me, because I always let the holidays - the time when everyone relaxes, stress me out.

    10. Meditation

    Goes hand-in-hand with the this list's first item.

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