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10 things that you'd like to accomplish in the final (29) days of the year

Have to start somewhere.

10 things that you'd like to accomplish in the final (29) days of the year

    1. Hit 10 ideas a day

    Today is day one so let’s see if I can get on a streak, great to be here.

    2. Create goals for each day.

    I journal every morning so I am going to try and create meaningful goals in these writing sessions. Create goals for each day.

    3. Find another deal

    I am in real estate and one more deal would be a good cap for the year, tomorrow’s 10 ideas can be ideas on how to do this.

    4. try to wind down and not come to a screeching crashing holt.

    Every year I finish the year up in a sprint to the finish line, then crash. I would like to try to wind down and enjoy family time over the holidays instead of just try to recharge for another sprint.

    5. Read more.

    Swap TV in the evening for reading. I have fallen off the wagon a bit there.

    6. Embed a negotiation tool so deep I do it subconsciously.

    Chris Voss speaks about, repeating the last few words of someone’s sentence to extract more information instead of asking directly, which can come across as pushy.

    7. be more present with my baby boy

    Phone down, no emails when I am with him. no excuses.

    8. Drink more water

    Why am I not getting around to this. I think I need to preplant, set up for the next day the day before

    9. Learn a healthy yum new recipe I can cook quickly without thinking

    sometimes when you get home late you wan to eat quick and easy but still want to be healthy.

    10. Be more playful

    Try and stretching my child like inquisitiveness and look to enjoy the day. We find what we look for right?

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