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10 things that you'd like to accomplish in the final (29) days of the year

    1. Sell a tshirt

    This will mean that I need to continue designing. Pick the best and share a link where people can buy them. If I can do this before Christmas, even better. 

    2. Sell more books

    It's Christmas. I should start advertising my books more, so people can get the best Christmas presents for their loved ones. 

    Guidebook for a happier life - The Rocco Effect: Set 1

    Book 2 - The Rocco Effect - Set 2

    Question book (this will make a great keepsake) - The Rocco Effect - ?

    3. Date

    I really hope I can drag this lass out for a day in town. Fingers crossed. 

    4. First draft of my new book

    I want to write a book with mental reframes and psychological biases. Being aware of them changes how you view the world and as a result can changed a depressed life into a life full of joy and meaning. 

    5. Go to a gig

    I don't really care who I just enjoy seeing bands. 

    6. Rough draft an animation

    I've not animated since the start of the year. Maybe I could animate Popeman. 

    7. Stay off drink

    It's been easier than I would have thought. I don't really care. I sit in the pub and enjoy the night with friends with or without it. It's only been two weeks and I feel a lot better and I'm looking sexier than ever 😎

    8. Six pack

    If I do sit ups each day I think I could acomplish this in a month. 

    9. See friends

    A month without seeing friends is a wasted month 

    10. Schedule Facebook /Instagram posts

    I had enough content to post daily for a year. I failed as I forgot to schedule. No worries. I'll reschedule and make new content soon 

    11. Twitter

    I don't really understand it. Do I just post my thoughts until people find one thought and decide to look through all my old thoughts then follow me? Do I comment on popular posts? Do I use popular hashtags? It's a bit of all of them. I'll aim to post at least one thing every day. (I can just share my lists. That's far more valuable than stating my opinion on the hot topic of the hour). 

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