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10 things to change about yourself before you change work

Because sometimes, it's you that's the problem and not work

    1. Your attitude

    Are you complaining all the time? Backstabbing colleagues? Watch what people do when you walk into a room or come into a meeting. Do they avoid you like the plague? Avoid giving you gossip because they aren't sure whether you'll keep it a secret?

    2. Your attendance at meetings

    I used to have a colleague who skipped meetings that weren't important. There may have been repercussions but he was too busy selling work (and so people didn't care).

    3. Your delegation of work

    Is there work that you don't like doing or is not high value to the company you work for? Delegate it.

    4. Defer / delete unnecessary work

    Likewise, is there work that you don't need to do that you're still doing? Find ways to not do the work or automate it.

    5. Find a side hustle

    Strangely enough, finding something you do like doing outside of work will give you more energy for a bad job

    6. Find something outside of your work to give you energy

    Whether it's looking forward to a family dinner, a night at the gym or dinner with friends, having things to look forward to outside of work may make work more enjoyable.

    7. Your boss

    Managing upwards is a skill that most people don't develop. They think that their boss is a certain way but sometimes they can be changed through your subtle influence.

    8. Your reputation

    Lean into whatever you get stuck with. Always get thrown onto bad projects where chances of success are low? Your reputation is someone that rescues projects. Always get thrown onto large and complex projects? Your reputation is someone that is always involved in strategic projects.

    9. Negative people

    If other people at work are avoiding certain people, you may want to take notice and avoid the same people. Watch for those quick risers (people that are quickly moving up the company). Who are they hanging around with? What projects are they working on? Find ways to be in their orbit.

    10. Saying bad things about the company

    People will think you're not loyal. People will think you're looking for work. They'll find ways to get you onto bad projects or fire you. Don't give them any reason to do that until you have an alternative option.

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