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10 Things to do when you’re laid up with a cold

aka me this week. I’ve been under the weather, and sometimes it’s even been a challenge to concentrate. So, I figured writing a list about things to do when you have a cold was appropriate.

    1. Get caught up on Netflix and other shows you’ve been meaning to watch

    definitely #1 for a reason. I know that I hardly watch tv most of the time, but this week I’ve had plenty of time enjoy some Netflix while resting.

    2. Do word searches, crossword puzzles, and connect-the-dots games

    if you can concentrate on these and they don’t make you nauseous, they’re a good way to pass the time.

    3. Have a lot of chicken noodle soup

    if you believe the marketing, it’s good for the soul too!

    4. Read magazines

    preferably trashy ones. being sick is a good time to indulge in activities you might not otherwise make time for.

    5. Nap

    all day every day. sleep is so crucial to getting well.

    6. Take a steam bath

    I love baths of all kinds, and steam baths are especially cleansing and warming when you’re sick.

    7. Drink Gatorade or other fun clear liquids

    I feel like Gatorade puts out a new flavor every year. being sick is the perfect occasion to test this flavor, along with the many others that are available. Same goes for jello.

    8. Learn the room you’re in really well

    is there a pattern in the ceiling? distinctive markings on the walls? unique points about the architecture of the room you’re in? well, this is the perfect time to get to know every little detail.

    9. Have an excuse to be crabby

    admittedly, this point is a bit annoying. But, when you’re sick and feeling down, it can be normal to not feel pleasant. people will understand that your attitude is only temporary.

    10. Let yourself be waited on

    It’s good to be able to lean on others while you’re sick. they can help take care of you and speed your recovery along. plus, letting people help you when you’re in need creates some vulnerability in a relationship and can bring people closer.

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