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10 Things to have to make my restaurant bar successful

    1. The right food menu

    Design a menu that is middle of the road American and yet seems better than it is. Add some elevated ingredients but keep it accessible. The goal is to have people look at the menu and want to order 5-6 different things.

    2. Private party area

    You always have to have a place to host parties of 25-40 people where they can have their own room.

    3. IG / social media wall

    cool wall with restaurant name on it. Ring light facing and permanent station that allows people to take photos and get them via email. This way we can build out email list every night of the year.

    4. Build an Email list

    The entire time before opening we have all social media feeding to a landing page on our website that says: "Would you like to be invited to one of our opening week parties with free food and drinks? Enter your email to be notified."

    5. Actually Use the Email List after opening

    Send out a weekly guide to events nearby. Co-promote stuff with other places on our block. Promote the other places like breweries.

    6. Build a year round patio facility

    Must have fans, heaters and the ability to block sun, wind or cold

    7. Add speakeasy to the space

    A bar within a bar to give the whole thing some added spice

    8. TVs in every room for sports

    Watching sports has now become a thing for any kind of gathering place unless you are a specific thing like high end dining or a theme spot.

    9. Spend the money on excellent signage

    Light up the building too so it jumps at night. Add in design features that make it show up when you drive by during the day (garage doors that open, music, etc)

    10. Company culture is boring excellence

    We strive every day as a staff to make everything perfect every single time. To get so good at delivering our food and drink that it is boring how good we are.

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