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10 Things You Do On the Internet That You Can Still Do in Real life

This is an old list I came up with back in July 2022:

"A week ago one of our big internet providers, Rogers, was offline for a day. Some panicked, but it wasn't really justified."

    1. Talk to people

    In real life.

    2. Pay for things

    With cash.

    3. Make Phone Calls

    Use a payphone or find a landline.

    4. Read

    There are books at the library along with newspapers.

    5. Be Informed About Current Events

    I found out about the outage through, get this, the radio!

    6. Find Directions Somewhere

    By asking a real live person instead of Googling it.

    7. Listen to Music

    If you have your music on your phone, great. I even hear CD's are making a comeback: Failing those, you can listen to the radio.

    8. Do Actual Work

    Ever notice you're MORE productive offline?

    9. Check The Weather

    On the radio they give you updates all the time.

    10. Get Together with Friends

    You can call them, or stop by.

    11. Drink Coffee

    Some people on the news complained that they couldn't even buy coffee during the outage. How about go to the grocery store and make it at home then?

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