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10 thoughts after trying solo jazz

I recently wrote a list about Krav Maga. The day before, I had also tried solo jazz.

10 thoughts after trying solo jazz

    1. Same observation here: I'm bad with movements

    Gotta train that spatial intelligence.

    2. It was all in Russian which was fun

    There's a decent Russian community in Barcelona (mostly people that are fleeing I guess).

    3. I appreciated that the teacher used English a lot despite finding it challenging

    I would have been okay with a class 100% in Russian. My girlfriend could translate.

    4. I was much better than I thought I would be

    I still wasn't very good... but I could notice my progress throughout the class.

    5. It was more enjoyable than when I tried it in Istanbul last year

    6. I found it a tad too long

    It was just one hour long, but I would have been happy to stop after about 45 minutes.

    7. I met a nice dude who works in AI and listens to Lex Fridman

    There are tons of people like this, but it was surprising considering this guy is from Russia and we're in Barcelona.

    8. Everyone there was very nice

    9. I'm open to doing this again

    10. I didn't even think about learning Russian at the same time

    My girlfriend occasionally teaches me some Russian here and there (nothing too serious, since I'm focusing on learning Spanish), and she asked me if I learned any Russian during the class. I don't remember it even crossing my mind. I was too focused on trying to get the movements right.

    Interestingly enough, I did learn some Spanish during my Krav Maga class the next day.

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