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10 thoughts on how AI will be used to teach humans and what the problems are

10 thoughts on how AI will be used to teach humans and what the problems are

    1. An AI for every student to customize learning to the student.

    AI may be too eager to give the student what they want and accept incorrect answers.

    2. AI will provide the most useful information to learn based on trends and projections.

    There may be too much inherent bias in predictions. People are notoriously bad at predicting the future, why would AI be better?

    3. AI will help people identify gaps in their skill sets to get better jobs or a specific career change.

    AI might not be able to identify soft skills or evaluate them.

    4. AI will create integrated lesson plans that incorporate core subjects into a single more interesting lesson allowing for better flow.

    5. AI will recognize when a student is struggling and be able to "catch" a student up with customized lessons.

    6. Optimistically AI will recognize what is actually useful and teach that rather than what is taught today.

    AI may be caged in by education systems rather than allowed to create new ones.

    7. AI may be able to teach without it seeming like teaching.

    Maybe your AI will send you to the grocery store to pick something up and tell you to ask a specific question to someone working there. It could all be a disguise to teach you. You may wake up to a list of tasks that fit into your life that are all designed to teach you something the AI thinks you need.

    8. AI will quickly recognize a student's strengths and weaknesses and tailor around that.

    Depending on programming it might further weaken weaknesses or create an inability in an individual to overcome challenges.

    9. AI eliminate the nonsense of schools starting a new math/reading etc.. program every year.

    10. AI will be able to identify societal holes and work on teaching people the skills to improved society as a whole.

    Inherent biases into what society needs will be a huge challenge.

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