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11 tips on Impromptu speaking


    1. Come prepared if you think a certain topic will be raised

    Add any descriptive elements: analogies, examples, stories, compare/contrast, statistics, etc

    2. Ask for time if you need to collect your thoughts into an outline

    "Can you give me minute, I need to collect my thoughts".

    Jot down your outline in point form on your phone or notepad. And when you are ready, go for it.

    1. Define your purpose: Inform, Update, Persuade, Entertain
    2. Introduction (overview of what you are talking about)
    3. 2-3 points of discussion (statement and proof)
    4. Conclusion/Call to Action (summarize your 2-3 points).

    3. If you don't understand the question or it's vague ask for clarification

    4. If you feel comfortable with the topic but just need a minute. Stall by asking an open-ended question

    Use that delay to jot down your key points

    5. You have the right say you don't know

    6. You have to right say you will follow up later

    7. Invite someone else to speak about the topic who might know more

    8. Be concise no more than 90 seconds

    9. Think of a perspective

    What do you think about Russian-Ukraine war?

    1. The current economic impact
    2. History/Causes
    3. The future fallout
    4. Media manipulation
    5. Failure of leadership

    10. Open the floor for follow-up questions

    Verify if the audience understood your key points: does that make sense? did I miss anything?

    Does anyone have any questions?

    11. Respond to questions but defer any technical details to a follow-up

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