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10 Traits I would Look for when Investing in a Person or Recruiting a Star Employee

    1. Extreme Intelligence + Extreme Charisma + Extreme Determination

    1 of these traits is deadly on its own.

    All 3 together is unbeatable. Ex of all 3: Elon Musk

    2. Discipline + Ability to Delay Gratification

    Those who can play the long game & be patient will almost always come out on top.

    In a study, young children who were able to delay gratification ( on average) ended up much more sucessful than their counterparts.

    3. Eloquent + Politically Astute

    It takes a team to build anything worthwhile. And those with charisma & leadership

    4. Excellent Communication + Excellent Voice + Excellent Phone Skills

    5. Clients don't like them, they Love them, & are Loyal to them

    They're already have a following in whatever it is they do. There's probably a reason.

    6. Consistency day in & day out.

    Habits, Actions, Attidue all compound

    7. Great Attitude

    You can teach anything to almost anybody. But you can never teach a great attitude.

    8. Trustworthy

    They keep their word. And do as they say. Reputation takes a lifetime to earn & a moment to lose.

    If a good reputation payed off in the short-term, more people would be concerned with their reputation.

    9. Do their best, no matter the circumstance. Leadership Qualities

    How you do anything is how you do everything.

    They're there to learn, make connections, & maximize their potential regardless of pay

    10. Obsession & Passion

    Can't be taught. Must be intrinsicly motivated & interested.

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