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10 value-adding things I could buy with my Work from Home stipend

My workplace recently introduced a new benefit where each employee gets approximately $300 per calendar year to spend on "Work from Home" expenses. We're remote-first, so the company wants our home offices to be comfortable and well-equipped. I already have the basics (computer, charger, mouse/keyboard, and a monitor), so I'm thinking about what else might be useful to have.

    1. A better desk chair

    Right now my desk chair is a cheap model from Amazon. It's fine, but I think I'd like to consider a more ergonomic model. I spend so much of my day sitting that it makes sense for me to invest in a chair that supports my neck and lower back.

    2. A shredder

    I've been wanting to get a shredder for a while. Most of my work is paperless though, so this might not be the best use of my budget.

    3. Blue light glasses

    My understanding is that the jury is still out on whether or not these are actually useful. If they do help with headaches and vision loss, I definitely want to consider them.

    4. A ring light for video calls

    These make a big difference in your appearance but don't cost an arm and a leg. I want to appear as present as possible at work, and improving my optics could definitely help with that.

    5. A fancy coffee maker

    Right now my coffee maker is a glorified teapot. This is because I've traditionally been much more of a tea drinker than a coffee drinker. I like both tea and coffee though, and I find that coffee does a better job of giving me a jolt of energy.

    6. A standing desk

    Upon reflection, I think this is probably what I'll buy first. I like standing while I work, and I know that it's much healthier than sitting all day.

    7. Good quality headphones

    People have told me time and time again that good quality headphones make all the difference when it comes to listening to music. What I especially like about this item is that it would be useful both at work and in my personal life (especially if the headphones have a noise-cancellation feature).

    8. My monthly internet bill

    So this isn't exactly a "fun" item, but I'm reassured knowing that I can always just spend my WFH budget on the internet and it won't go to waste.

    9. An under-desk elliptical

    Or, alternatively, a treadmill desk. Either option seems like a really good way to sneak exercise in, and snuck exercise is my favorite exercise.

    10. An in-bed laptop tray

    For those days when I'm feeling *really* lazy. On second thought, maybe I should buy this with my own money- not sure I want my company to think I'm hardly working.

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