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10 Ways To Avoid Distractions While Working On Your Laptop (Without Turning Off The Internet)

    1. Block every site that's unrelated to your work. Use site blocking extensions like Freedom.

    2. Ask your boss or colleague to sit next to you while you're working. Ask them to keep you accountable.

    3. Use a screen recording app. And let your boss or client monitor you remotely while you work.

    4. Delete all your social media accounts for good. Send them a written request to block your IP permanently because you're a recovering addict.

    5. Join a society like Social Media Addicts Anonymous or Internet Addicts Anonymous. Get help. Or at least accountability.

    6. Make sure you get at least 9 to 10 hours of high quality sleep every night. Sleep deprivation makes you extremely prone to distraction.

    7. Avoid consuming foods that drain your focus and willpower. While you're at it, consume foods that increase circulation and blood flow to the brain.

    8. Get at least an hour of exercise before you start working.

    9. Rewire your mind and develop new habits. Allow yourself to only browse the internet freely after working hours. It can take 60 to 180 days to form new habits.

    10. Break down your work intervals into smaller chunks. Like 10 to 20 minutes of distraction-free work. And slowly build up your mental muscles from there. Don't try to stay focused for 3 hours from the get go.

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